Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if the age is less or more than 2 Years 10 Months for TOTS?
    Insha Allah couple of months less or more is manageable for all the Classes.

  2. Is it a play home?
    No, it is not a play home it is purely a Montessori with Islamic Pattern.

  3. Is it recognized school?
    Yes, it is registered by government of Karnataka.

  4. Do you have a high school?
    No, we have only primary till Grade 6. In Sha Allah every year it will incremented.

  5. Is it mandatory to have an online account in EIS website?
    No, it is not mandatory; since we adopt Nature Eco-Friendly policy we can save a lot of stationary. So, we advise all the parents to have an online account & it is FREE.

  6. What is the use of online account?
    Parents can check the status of their children, apply for a leave & check Home Work etc.,

  7. Can computer illiterates use online account?
    We have training facility to interested parents at an extra cost. Computer Basics & our online software will be taught, In Sha Allaah.

  8. Do you have a Transport Facility?
    Yes, we have transport facility

  9. Can we purchase Books & Stationery outside?
    Yes, Books & Stationery can be purchased anywhere. Since Elegant will be facilitating the books for you at discounted price, in almost all cases, it will be cheaper for you to buy the books through Elegant.
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